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On my last post I mentioned giant herrings are reckless and relentless, well they just step it up a bit.

When one took my lure, it would leap throwing my lure out and another would immediately took my lure, leap & threw it out again and another one would instantly hit my lure as soon as it hit water. It's not everyday you see such persistent attacks. My minnow is pretty scratched from their sandpaper teeth.

Landed 3 herrings, 1 catfish, 1 unknown, all on lures :>>

I did have videos and pics but sorry none were nice enough to put up.

Herrings are fun & sporty but they are a bit small and don't put up a fantastic fight so it's about time to explore new waters.

Below is a Youtube video of a beautiful girl with a smile tat can make me forget about fishing :D What a woman! Beautiful smile!

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Reckless aerial jumpers

Fri 27 Aug 10 14:41

Great footage but too bad not kims

Giant herring are fun, they are pretty relentless and attacked hard for their size and one of the best hooks thrower as they jump like crazy.

Still no elusive trophies but some consolation as 2 of my minnows got their 1st catch.

Singapore is only this small, our fishing grounds are even smaller. Protect, not da-pao.
Sometimes I da-pao to feed my pet fishes.

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Herring video

Fri 6 Aug 10 22:57

Caught on my cap cam but too bad not a kim.

A few got away but not this one :>> Not released

I was hoping to spot kim surface attacks but sadly didn't hear/see any big splash nor feeding frenzy. Miss their boofs, too bad my pet kims are still too small to boof loud.

Singapore is only this small, our fishing grounds are even smaller. Protect, not da-pao.
Sometimes I da-pao to feed my pet fishes.

Kayak Fishing Asia

UPDATE 7 AUG: Added some more vids/pics

Same fish on FullHD

Archer fish some time back

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My 1st kayak kim!

Fri 4 Jun 10 19:30

Finally I got my 1st kayak kim, length 65cm, suspect 3.5kg.

Out of the blue BOMZ! Took my popper and there she goes! I didn't see what fish it was but boy, surface strikes are always thrilling. Then it came up and I saw the head. Does that look like a kim or what? I wasn't sure, then it leaped, mouth flaring head shaking violently trying to throw my lure. A kim no doubt, HO SEY LAR!!!

I have not even land it but I was very happey already :>>

Then suddenly the line went totally slack. Oh shit the line snapped?
No it didn't. While fighting the fish, for some reason I lossen the drag all the way!! I quickly tighten it back, pretty sure the fish must had escaped. No it didn't, I crank back the slack and felt it, it was still on!! Lucky ahhh! The hookup must had been good, if not it probably had escaped.

It's headshake was very strong, it shook free once from the lip gripper and another time trying to break my wrist.

Singapore is only this small, our fishing grounds are even smaller. Protect, not da-pao.

Kayak Fishing Asia

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My 1st cat

Mon 26 Apr 10 20:18

Not a catch I'm proud off, not at all.

But my 1st cat and it pulled hard.

2kg on grip, released of course.

Singapore is only this small, our fishing grounds are even smaller. Protect, not da-pao.

Kayak Fishing Asia

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My 1st Kayak Catch

Wed 31 Mar 10 19:38

:>> My very 1st fish from a kayak.

When it hit, it was so energetic I thought it was a kim then I thought Tarpon when it drew closer, end up it's just a mid-size Giant Herring.

Kim is great but Herring is nice too!

These are the best pics as it managed to shook off the lip gripper when I tried to take a better shot.

Caught it in the mangroves, I love the placid and solitude.

Kayak Fishing Asia

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Some pics

Fri 26 Mar 10 21:07
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Camcorder Mount

Sun 14 Mar 10 16:29

Arrived and ready :) Good quality.

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Marlin on a Kayak!

Sat 13 Mar 10 13:13

A guy in OZ hooked a marlin on a kayak!

His story here:

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D.I.Y - Green thing

Wed 10 Mar 10 08:31

My green thing....a must-have companion for lonely trips :>>

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Installation of my tri-beam Humminbird PiranhaMAX 180 fish finder with thru-hull transducer setup.

UPDATE 24 FEB: Parts list
1. RAM Mount Plastic Wedge 1 inch Ball RAP-B-354U
2. RAM Mount Medium Arm B-Socket RAM-B-201U
3. RAM Mount Humminbird Piranha Plate with 1 inch Ball RAM-B-107-1BU (the pics don't show this as they delivered wrong item)
4. TYR swimming kickboard
5. Pool noodle from Toys"R"Us
6. Selleys All Clear from Home-Fix
7. Cable Hooks from Daiso
8. Velcro Straps from Daiso

Kayak Fishing Asia

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My Fishy Goddess!!!

Thu 18 Feb 10 20:59

Collected last week! long awaited Goddess of Fishy :>>

Kayak Fishing Asia

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D.I.Y - Kayak Cart

Wed 17 Feb 10 08:22

I think the wheels are a little small but not bad since I started blind.

The wheels are S$7.50 each from King George's Avenue. There are larger wider ones but they cost >S$20 each!

UPDATE 18 FEB: Added close-up of wheel pin
UPDATE 7 MAR: Wheels dig in soft sand!

Kayak Fishing Asia

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Mon 8 Feb 10 14:55

:>> :>> :>> :>>
I'm getting a kayak very soon!

I'll be posting tons of pics here soon. If you can't wait you can view them here

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Here's pics of the battery box I cracked my head over the past weeks to concoct. The acceptable voltage of my fish finder is 10 to 20 VDC so I went with 12 x 1.2 AA SONY 2700mAh rechargeable batteries (Made in Japan :>>)

The plastic waterproof box was S$2 from Daiso.

I also added a car fuse-holder and 2A mini blade car fuse (ff manual suggests 1A but 2A seems to be the lowest I can find). The battery holders are put together using Marine Goop with pieces of pool noodle on the sides for cushion.

UPDATE 26 JAN: Added float test pics.
UPDATE 17 FEB: Parts list.
Here's the parts list with price and where to buy for my battery box.
1. Waterproof box - S$2 - Daiso
2. Sony 2700mah rechargeable AA(Made in Japan) - S$15.90 for 4 - Challenger
3. Battery holder - cant rember - Home-fix DIY
4. Fuse holder - cant rember - Sim Lim Tower
5. 2A blade fuse - cant rember - Sim Lim Tower
6. Wire connectors - S$1.80 - Sim Lim Tower
7. Marine Goop - S$12plus(pls bargain) - Sim Lim Tower
8 Pool noodle - cant rember - cant rember

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Sun 20 Dec 09 15:54

Sometime ago I figured it's good to sink-proof items I'll be carrying on my kayak.

I added pool noodle floats to my lip grip and plier. :p

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Kayak stuff arrived!!

Sat 5 Dec 09 21:40



The fishfinder and Daiwa lure retriever were unfortunately, but not unexpected, made in China. I have no idea how to test the fishfinder. I dropped the transducer in my fish tank but it's too shallow to read anything. But at least it powers up and read fine.

UPDATE: 26 JAN Tested the fish finder in a 1.5m dept swimming pool, reading fine :D

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Selleys All Clear

Thu 26 Nov 09 21:01

Had my 1st kayak-related purchase today, Selleys All Clear. If you are into fishfinders you probably know what it's for. I got it for S$7.70 from Home-Fix. small but very very essential.

Selleys is an Australian company and am so glad it's not Made in China.

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