On my last post I mentioned giant herrings are reckless and relentless, well they just step it up a bit.

When one took my lure, it would leap throwing my lure out and another would immediately took my lure, leap & threw it out again and another one would instantly hit my lure as soon as it hit water. It's not everyday you see such persistent attacks. My minnow is pretty scratched from their sandpaper teeth.

Landed 3 herrings, 1 catfish, 1 unknown, all on lures :>>

I did have videos and pics but sorry none were nice enough to put up.

Herrings are fun & sporty but they are a bit small and don't put up a fantastic fight so it's about time to explore new waters.

Below is a Youtube video of a beautiful girl with a smile tat can make me forget about fishing :D What a woman! Beautiful smile!

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