My 1st kayak kim!

Fri 4 Jun 10 19:30

Finally I got my 1st kayak kim, length 65cm, suspect 3.5kg.

Out of the blue BOMZ! Took my popper and there she goes! I didn't see what fish it was but boy, surface strikes are always thrilling. Then it came up and I saw the head. Does that look like a kim or what? I wasn't sure, then it leaped, mouth flaring head shaking violently trying to throw my lure. A kim no doubt, HO SEY LAR!!!

I have not even land it but I was very happey already :>>

Then suddenly the line went totally slack. Oh shit the line snapped?
No it didn't. While fighting the fish, for some reason I lossen the drag all the way!! I quickly tighten it back, pretty sure the fish must had escaped. No it didn't, I crank back the slack and felt it, it was still on!! Lucky ahhh! The hookup must had been good, if not it probably had escaped.

It's headshake was very strong, it shook free once from the lip gripper and another time trying to break my wrist.

Singapore is only this small, our fishing grounds are even smaller. Protect, not da-pao.

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Comment from: Mathew

Swee la brother.. Nice Kayak as well :)

Fri 4 Jun 10 @ 19:54
Comment from: admin  

Thanks. See u on competition day!

Sat 5 Jun 10 @ 23:10

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