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Kodak Playsport spoilt.

Full HD
10m Waterproof
1m Shockproof

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Xperia Ray

Mon 13 Jan 14 07:55

One of the best compact smartphones ever made, and I got 2.

How come I got 2 Xperia Rays? Long story. I like the Gold one a lot, sometimes more than my S4.

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If it ain't broked don't fix it but my 9 years old Sony Vaio PCG-X505/SP is painfully slow on its 20GB stock HDD (Toshiba MK2004GAL).

BIG time overdue for an upgrade to SSD (KingSpec 64GB KSD-CF18.6-064MS, USD80.83 free shipping)

Cloned the MK2004GAL using EaseUS Todo Backup Free and Micro IDE 1.8 ZIF CE 50 Pin to Mini USB Adapter (USD3.59 free shipping).

Armed with a special tri-wing screw-driver and a Service Manual obtained free online, opened up the X505, took out the MK2004GAL and slide in the KSD-CF18.6-064MS.

Everything went pretty smoothly except that the USB cable that came with the Mirco IDE adapter was not working.

WinXP boot and hibernation times were more than halved. HAPPY! :>>

There are some very sexy ultra-slim notebooks out there from SAMSUNG and SONY but saving 1k to 2K SGD is much sexier. And my VAIO is less than 800g.

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EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Micro IDE 1.8 ZIF CE 50 Pin to Mini USB Adapter +Cable

Tri-Wing Trigram Screwdriver

Service Manual

KingSpec 64GB KSD-CF18.6-064MS

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Docks for my Galaxy S2

Thu 11 Aug 11 22:07

Samsung Genuine Dock for Galaxy S II bought from Samsung Plaza Singapura, S$68.00. This one only charges the phone, no data transfer to PC. Supports Dock mode.

Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 USB Desktop Cradle with 2nd battery slot bought from US$22.95 (Free shipping). This charges the phone and also support data transfer to PC. Doesn't support Dock mode.

Both don't allow phone case.

UPDATE 13 JAN: Both SOLD long long time ago!

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Fri 19 Mar 10 08:48

Sometime ago I sold my KODAK Zi8. Its replacement is here :)

Sharper, clearer, more stable, waterproof 3m and sexier.

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NEW Mini Video Recorder

Sun 17 Jan 10 22:21

Bought a better one to replace the old ones I sold off :>>

This one is silver color(cooler), 720x480 @30frames/sec and got auto-off capability.

Using it for car and fishing.

UPDATE 16 MAR: Extra set for sale, $95.

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My KODAK Zi8 full HD camcorder just came yesterday.

Resolution is 1920x1080 at 30frame/sec :>>

I took a sample video today and uploaded into youtube.

UPDATE 23 JAN: SOLD! Getting the water-proof version. :>>
UPDATE 14 MAR: Replacement arrived! KODAK PLAYSPORT ZX3 :>>

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I have this mini video recorder. I use it for fishing and also in my car. Actually I have 2! One to record the front of car and the second to film behind. It's helpful if you are in a accident and the other party runs away or deny fault.

UPDATE 26 AUG: Sold one, left one.
UPDATE 28 DEC: Both sold (getting better stuff to reward myself :>> )

Also, it's so small I also use it for filming my fishing catches. I attached it to my cap with just a normal rubber band.

It got a 16GB microSD card in it and therefore can record for about 6 hours. However the battery only last about 2 hours. Video is 640x480 and 30frames/sec.

Here'a a pic of it attached to my cap.

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My VAIO X505

Sat 4 Jul 09 00:39

I bought this 2nd-hand in August 2008 from Japan. It was released in 2004 in Japan only and then to US and Europe market. It is Sony's thinnest notebook ever, made in japan and still running strong.

It's a dino but I love it! &#59;D See the pics and you will know why.

UPDATE 1 OCT 2013: Upgraded to 64GB SSD

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