Never say never

Wed 19 May 10 14:57

In fishing you never say never.

My mind was saying never but my hands continue casting.

Conditions were quite bad, see nothing hear nothing, casting away blindly.

But keep on casting & changing lures as many of my catches were when I least expect it.


Caught recently, my biggest kim to date!

Thanks to very steady kakis for everything, this madness wouldn't had happened without you all :>>

All catches released.

Singapore is only this small, our fishing grounds are even smaller. Protect, not da-pao.

Kayak Fishing Asia

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Awesome kim you caught there! :) looking forward to see more saltwater post! :) btw, i like your device the one on your hat. where can i buy it and how much it costs?

Fri 28 May 10 @ 21:24
Comment from: admin  

Thanks 4 visiting. Bought my cap cam from

Sat 29 May 10 @ 20:14

Good morning bro. just dropping by.. catch fish soon and have a great day! :)

Mon 14 Jun 10 @ 05:28
Comment from: admin  

Thanks 4 dropping by, bro :) Next time u land super big kim hope can watch & learn.

Thu 17 Jun 10 @ 17:48