2nd Chance

Wed 17 Mar 10 23:56

Today's action happened maybe 10mins upon arrival. A lot of surface action, think I descended onto some toman orgy.

1st hit was just 2 to 3 in front when I was eyeing another one further out. Strike fast but too bad no hookset so lure flew back, luckily past me. I thought to myself, "That's it!, gonna be zero today". At this spot, if you have a snakehead take and didn't land it, you won't have another, zero-fighter is almost for sure.

However I continue as you don't need catches to enjoy fishing, somemore I just arrived. Less than 5 casts later still same area, SPLASH!!. My lure got hit! Wow, very lucky, you don't get 2nd chance everyday. Strike! Strike!..retrieve a few rounds, check drag, strike again, crank a few more rounds, adjust drag again and strike again. Can't remember how manys I striked but for sure a lot. Feeling satisfied, I switched on my camcorder, checked that it's recording and got ready my lip grip, all the while fighting the fish trying not to lose it.

Fight was 7 to 8 mins as fish was a bottom-hugger and pales greatly from 7kg queen not long ago but still a decent fish. 3.4kg on the grip scale.


Singapore is only this small, our fishing grounds are even smaller. Protect, not da-pao.

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UPDATE 18 MARCH: Video added

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Comment from: weiren  

hey thats a nice catch. where is the place? its kinda hard to find green patterned snakehead now adays.

Sun 4 Apr 10 @ 14:22