Today got my all-time best :>>, all previous catches so far really are child's play, no fight!

Aerial jumps were so high and line peel so far out till I numb numb can't believe. 90% of my line gone, can see spool bottom already! Fight was unexpected(also embarrassingly) long as drag was set low. No doubt I'm a greenhorn on the kiasu kiasi side but what's important is fish landed, no snapped gear nor throw-hook.

Nice kaki also landed another similar sized Queen right after mine released, so double biggie Queens :D Of course he took much shorter time to land it, unlike me almost zero Queenie experience.

Truly my all-time best, 7kg Queen! Lifting it for phototaking and reviving(7min!) it was already very tiring. Fight power is 4 to 6 watermelons combined.

Thanks to kakis for jio, free lure, videotaking, fish landing, phototaking, lunch & company.

All catches released.

Singapore is only this small, our fishing grounds are even smaller. Protect, not da-pao.

Kayak Fishing Asia

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przewĂłz osĂłb niemcy

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Fri 26 Mar 10 @ 17:56