Happened earlier this week:

Bad mood so went fishing.

Upon arrival, cast a bit & walk a bit and felt much better even though no catches yet. Fishing is a great remedy! :)

Then got a good fighter mid-size pb! Been quite a while since I had a strong pb. 2nd one was a bit smaller and not as strong but both were pretty aggressive but sitting ducks.

Then I received a wonderful call that my Kayak can be collected next day, heheh. Felt like leaving already but I continued as u never know.


Cut long story short, watermelon is my 12th, about 5.3kg, one of my strongest melons, highest number of Marlin jumps(3 or 4, usually 1 or 2). Very persistent fighter, almost fooled me into thinking sangkot. Also it pinned my lure on some fixed structure but very very luckily came off when it shook head. VERY LUCKY!

Singapore is only this small, our fishing grounds are even smaller. Protect, not da-pao

Kayak Fishing Asia

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Comment from: Nigel

Looks like u work real hard in ur fishing. Good job ! :D

Sat 13 Feb 10 @ 16:38
Comment from: admin  

Nigel, u too! I go USR sometimes, especially when rained.

Sun 14 Feb 10 @ 08:01