Very recent saltwater ops gave me 2 burst line, no mood to write actually.

But have to write because this toman gave me 15mins fight. My longest fighter.

This 4.5kg toman took my BH rig as usual, nothing spectacular. But after that he lun at the bottom for 15mins at least!!! It was so freaking long I thought I had a monitor lizard and worrying what to do next. I have no idea how to dehook a monitor lizard. The wait was so long, weather so hot that I sat down on the grass waiting for him to run out of air. 1st time I sit down while fighting a fish, keke. Finally no resistance and crank him up like a pieace of paper. Half-dead when brought him up. Released him, very weak, don't know make it or not.

Then I didn't stop, went for watermelons. This one bobo BH rig at least 2 times. My 7th watermelon, 5kg plus on the grip. Fight only 3 to 4 mins. I think this fellow threw hook because I felt sudden loss in line tension but so sway hook back bottom of mouth. No release pics or vids as around me were thai and prc da-paoster. This one when released shoot off like a missile.

Which fish more chio? I still like watermelons more.

No videos as not well taken.

Thanks to thai baiters for photos & videos taking.

Singapore is only this small, our fishing grounds are even smaller. Protect, not da-pao.

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gry karciane

I’ve shared you post on digg, good work

Thu 1 Apr 10 @ 19:32