Watermelon again!

Fri 31 Jul 09 22:32

Today I had just a few minor obligations so went fishing early and took things slowly. Heheh :>> But today weather too hot, wanted to fish longer also cannot.

Upon arrival, place looks dead and water ain't too good either. Peacock bass were around but hard to spot and like zombies. This place getting more and more hopeless actually. As the Sun got higher, I spotted one Peacock Bass about 1kg very close to the bank. I casted my pink IMA minnow at it many times but it totally 'bo chap'. I continue trying and then.....heheheh, corner of my eye saw what I'm here for :>>

Same thing happened lor, heart beat accelerate a bit.

This time not only I turn on my video camera but also resist the temptation to use BH rig. I used Yozuri surface cruiser (with propeller attached) instead. (BH rig only $5, Yozuri SC costs $19) As I was putting on the cruiser and attaching the propeller, my fingers still shake a little even though this would be my 5th mama if landed.

By the time I finished connecting, target had drifted further. I casted a few times but all landed off target. By now, target had moved almost all the way other side. Luckily I'm still able to reach but getting harder to spot. Then one of my casts was on target, I just crank 2 or 3 rounds and BANG! :>> Water splashed and lure got dragged underwater! Heheheh!

Fight was long as lure was taken very far out. Fight strenght was strong but not as strong as previous 2 mamas. However this one likes to 'bottom-hug' very much. Many times it just hang at the bottom making the line feel like 'sang-kot'

Yozuri SC feel was a bit different from BH rig, hookup feels more secure.

When I finally see the fish, it was hooked on both trebles. Lip gripping therefore was easier and less stressful.

Water-melon mama (should be papa I think) weighs 3.6 to 3.8kg on the grip.

I waited very long for passer-by to help take photos. In the end, had to self-take as Sun was too hot and both man and fish were drying up.

After releasing the fish, I walked back and bumped into a super-regular da-pao-ster. Heng I didn't waited longer, if not he would had seen me with the toman and I'm very sure he will camp there right there.

Da-pao-ster have their reasons to da-pao, I have my reasons to catch & release :>>

While releasing, it took a very long rime to 'wake-up'. So long that I thought it cannot make it. Ai si bey si like that but then suddenly it took off like seen a ghost, damn quick!
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