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Mazda Takeri

Tue 27 May 14 08:21

Very yummy!!!

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Prawns made in Heaven

Sun 2 Oct 11 15:15

The pics below are not exactly beautiful nor made by a beauty but the prawns were soooo delicious you will cry MAMA.

How delicious is it?

When you eat it you will think of a pristine beach, nice coconut tree, clear blue sky turquoise ocean and a super hot Brazilian goddess with a to-die-for body and long black hair in a skimpy bikini looking at you like she must make babies with you tonight &#59;D

They prawns are really very good, the rest so-so only. To make it you just need some common sense plus some not-so-common sense :>> :>>

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Mother Earth

Mon 12 Sep 11 20:37

Beautiful Mother Earth :)

Taken using Samsung Galaxy S2.

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